Ottawa Community Music Venue (OCMV)


A new creative hub for music and the arts

OCMV is working towards the creation of a unique space where the full spectrum of activities associated with music creation, performance, and community involvement can take place seven days a week. OCMV supports all genres of music, along with other forms of artistic expression.


A gathering place for the community

OCMV will offer a broad range of participatory programming created in collaboration with local musicians and arts groups, and designed for people of all ages, cultures, and abilities. For example, local seniors will benefit from a music therapy program, and a Musical Instrument Bank will make instruments available to youth and those who cannot afford one.


An exceptional resource for artists

Local musicians of all abilities will find services and opportunities designed with them in mind: gigs and showcases, collaborations, internships, professional development, workshops, networking, mentorships, music industry events, and access to musical instruments and facilities.


A destination venue for music lovers

Audiences of all kinds will enjoy exceptional entertainment and performances by local and touring artists in a state-of-the art facility designed for the best possible

Listening experience. OCMV will also be a great place to meet friends and sample great food, craft beer, and wine.


Help us build it!

We’re working hard to open our doors, but we can’t do it without your support.

You can help by becoming:

• a member (at the Founder, Individual, Student, or Youth level);

• a corporate sponsor or patron;

• a volunteer.



(613) 715-4931

Email: folkrum "at"



OCMV values



Artistic activity is a catalyst for personal and professional development, building and galvanizing communities. The arts have the power to transform lives and communities. Artistic activity and arts organizations contribute significantly to our quality of life and the economy.



All Canadians deserve access to the arts and to opportunities for creativity and self-expression. Folkrum lowers the barriers to entry, allowing artists young and old, established and emerging to develop their craft, build relationships and become part of a diverse and supportive community. Folkrum raises the bar on support, local talent development and entertainment.



For local musicians, Folkrum provides opportunities to belong to a vibrant community and make new connections with local and far-flung networks. It brings amateurs, pre-professionals and professionals together with the public and community groups to take part in a shared interest and enjoy the benefits of the arts and creative expression.



Folkrum supports original and independent artists who retain control of their creative work. It provides tools and opportunities to help artists develop their ability to build successful careers and sustain themselves financially.