Call for Programming Collaboration Proposals




Folkrum is currently searching for a location to establish its facility. As part of its plans to build support, secure a property, and operate its facility, Folkrum is reaching out to potential partners, collaborators, and artists interested in working with Folkrum to develop programming.


By submitting a proposal, you signal your intent to contribute programming content to form part of Folkrum’s overall programming mix. With your approval, Folkrum may share some of the information in your proposal with the public as part of its communications and outreach strategy. Folkrum will not share any of your personal information.


Please read the information below first, and then complete the attached Programming Proposal Form and return by email to us at folkrum [at] The form is in fillable PDF format.


-> Programming Proposal Form


Please share this information with other individuals or organizations that may be interested in programming opportunities.




Folkrum intends to operate seven days and evenings per week, all year long, with as many as 350 daytime programming slots and 350 evening slots. Folkrum will engage local partners, collaborators, and artists to contribute to its programming.


Folkrum is committed to a transparent and equitable treatment of performing artists. For all events in which artists perform and for which an audience is charged admission or a registration fee, the artists must be paid. Folkrum offers a standard guarantee for artists who are engaged directly by Folkrum to perform. Additional compensation may be negotiated based on the artist and the nature of the programming. When other groups present artists at Folkrum, they must provide assurances that compensation or an equitable arrangement has been made with their artists.



Folkrum will offer a diverse and comprehensive range of musical programming, including performance, education, therapy, and networking, however we will also offer programming involving other art forms including spoken word, storytelling, and the visual arts.


Folkrum will support all genres of music and cover the full spectrum of music activity. To achieve this, Folkrum welcomes involvement from all cultures and will accommodate all levels of ability: amateur, pre-professional, emerging, professional and established.



You may propose any type of programming format, including but not restricted to concerts, concert series, showcases, pilots or proof-of-concept, networking events, meet-ups, panels, information sharing, workshops, choral, participatory, sing-along, open mic, music therapy and wellness, special needs activities, and so on.



The programming you propose may be intermittent or one-off, annual, monthly, weekly, a series, etc.


Programming Tracks

The programming schedule will run on two key tracks:



Daytime programming will take place during the early and late afternoons. The daytime focus will be on interactive or participatory, community-centric programs, including, but not restricted to, special needs, elderly, health and wellness, group activities, youth, educational (workshops, panels, career development), and networking.



The evenings will typically deliver high quality entertainment in the form of ticketed concerts for audiences of 100 to 250.


Collaboration With Folkrum


Folkrum is open to a variety of collaborative arrangements with programmers, including:


Partnership: Your organization or group is looking to partner with Folkrum as a means of securing funding or other investment to allow you to develop and/or deliver your program. These are typically long-term relationships that may involve co-applying for financial support, sponsorship or investment, co-campaigning, barter of goods and services, sharing of space or resource, personnel, and so on.


Co-Presenter: Your organization or group wishes to work directly with Folkrum to co-present a program. Arrangements may be made to share costs or resources for marketing and promotion, share revenues from sale of tickets or merchandise and so on.


Host: Your program is relatively self-contained. You simply need an affordable venue of a certain scale in which to present your programming. Folkrum will host your programming for a modest fee.


Programming Proposal Process


Programming collaborators must complete the attached Programming Proposal Form and submit it to Folkrum. Please read through the form carefully before beginning. If you have any questions, please contact Folkrum to discuss. Folkrum will review your proposal to ensure that it:


aligns with Folkrum’s mission and values;

  • fills a gap within the Folkrum programming mix;
  • responds to a need within the community for the benefit of the public or artists;
  • is likely to attract participants, audiences and/or support;
  • is technically feasible;
  • is financially viable.


Financial Viability

Folkrum is intent on ensuring that its operations are sustainable. For that reason, Folkrum will prioritize programming that can generate revenues. The revenue generated must be enough to cover your own costs (the costs you incur directly to manage and deliver your program) and contribute to Folkrum’s own revenues through a modest contribution in the form of a rental of Folkrum space or facilities, or through a split of estimated ticket sales or registration fees. In some cases, Folkrum may elect to host your program at no cost.


Here are some factors that Folkrum will consider within the context of financial viability:


  • Your program generates revenue through pre-registration or ticket sales.
  • Your program is already funded through the public purse or by a patron, sponsor, or other third party.
  • Your program brings a clientele or audience that will generate other forms of revenue for Folkrum.


Community Benefit

As part of its total programming mix, Folkrum will commit to a carefully selected set of programs that may generate little or no direct revenues, but provides an asset, resource, or opportunity that is of significant value to the community. Folkrum will support these programs through proceeds from its other revenue-generating activities and, occasionally, through philanthropic support from the public.


Once we’ve reviewed your proposal, we will contact you to discuss it. Should we both agree that your programming is a good fit, your proposal will be used to help Folkrum plan its programming for the first 24 months of operation.



About the Folkrum Facility


Folkrum plans to operate a multi-faceted and fully accessible facility designed to support amateur and professional performances and interactive programming for the community. When fully operational, the facility will be open afternoons and evenings year round. Folkrum will not present late-night concerts after 11 pm. The maximum total capacity of the facility overall will be 250 to 300 people.


Stages/Concert Hall

The facility will provide a fully outfitted main stage/riser of approximately 300 sq.ft. suitable for diverse musical genres. The interior space will be carefully crafted to deliver optimal acoustics. Basic gear, including microphones, monitors, and amplifiers will be available. PA and audio will be managed by professional staff. Theatre-style lighting and a short-throw projector for multimedia shows will be available. Folkrum does not plan to operate a recording studio on site, but recording of live performances will be offered as a service. A concert quality piano and drum kit will be available for use on the main stage. A small acoustic stage will be provided in the café/bar area.


Seating Capacity

The facility will provide 100 fixed seats for the main stage, with an additional 150 seats added as needed, for a total seating capacity of 250 for the main stage. Additional standing room capacity may also be available (up to 300).



A café and bar will serve refreshments and light food. A small stage for presentations, talks, and acoustic concerts will enhance the café/bar experience. The café/bar will seat up to 100 people. The space will be used as any typical café space would be—for people to hang out, relax, meet and talk, and access the internet. The café will also provide a food preparation area for catered events.


Common Space

A common space for up to 150 participants will be available for group activities and special events when the main stage is not in use or in combination with use of the main stage. During afternoons, the common space will prioritize community and participatory activities. The common space will be scalable and divisible, to accommodate small and large groups. The space will be fully accessible for participants with special needs.


Rental Spaces

Many of the spaces at Folkrum can be rented for private or specialized use. These will include a small office or conference room of about 200 sq. ft., the common space, and the main stage.


Instrument Bank

Folkrum plans to operate a musical instrument bank on site as part of its services to the community. Instruments of all kinds will be available for those (members and artists) who cannot afford or simply do not have an instrument.