Help us build it

We can't do it all alone. In fact, we are counting on the power of the local community to help create and sustain it. We invite and appreciate your interest and support.


Sign up for our e-newsletter.

By giving us your name and email address and letting us include you in our growing network, you can stay informed, while helping us reach out to a growing community.


Help us spread the word and make connections.

We believe in the power of personal networks and word of mouth. Please tell everyone you know about the initiative and where they can find more information. And don't hesitate to introduce us to people you know who can help, like arts patrons, municipal representatives, public funders, business people, music industry people and fabulous artists who you think we should know about.


Attend events and concerts.

Over the coming months, we'll be producing a series of paid concerts and hosting special events. You can help by buying a ticket (a very important source of revenue) and attending events. Audiences and ticket purchasers are the life blood of the performing arts.



There are a variety of ways you can volunteer to help. If you want to do more than just help spread the word, you can help by offering your expertise, your resources or your energy to help organize and  promote our events.



If you're a local performer, singer-songwriter or music group, tell us about yourself so that we can put you on our roster of artists.


Collaborate and partner.

We believe in the power of collaborations and partnerships. We welcome organizations and initiatives that share our values.


Contribute money and resources.

A key feature of our business plan is its insistence on financial and operational independence and sustainability. However, the momentum and capital needed to launch a community music venue are substantial. We welcome your support and pledges, whether in the form of dollars or in-kind donations.


Contact us:

Folkrum "at"

(613) 715-4931